Production freight is a live event freight company which has provided personalised worldwide event logistics solutions to a wide variety of clients requiring transportation of show and event equipment since 1993. for use in; sports events, ceremonies, congresses and meetings, country celebrations, exhibitions, musical and theatrical productions, museum exhibitions and bespoke one off events.

We operate anywhere in the world thanks to our global coverage of international partners experienced in the handling of live and sports event logistics.

As a specialist live and sports event freight forwarder we are not intimidated by the unique demands of shipping your equipment internationally so when it comes to managing their often complex movement it’s comforting to know that experienced and knowledgeable people are committed to;

  • Researching your transportation options
  • Provide evaluations, assessment and recommendations to clients
  • Meeting your timeline and budgetary requirements
  • Identifying, assessing and mitigating risks
  • Monitoring your equipment along the transit corridor
  • React appropriately to extraordinary circumstances
  • Co-ordinating and expediting equipment from multiple origin points

Our approach is to engage with our clients at the earliest opportunity to assimilate the job specification and advise on the safest, most expedient and cost effective method of transit to suit both your time frame and budget without compromising your delivery schedule.

Experience Counts