What else do we do

ATA Carnets

Including preparation, production and arranging of indemnity deposits


Full Shipment Monitoring

Each shipment is monitored whilst in transit to ensure the delivery schedule is being maintained

Attendance at production meetings

To advise on transport and customs related issues and offer advise on transit schedules to assist with your planning for equipment hire, crew travel and delivery flow.

Advance trips

Visits to key points in the transit corridor by operations specialists

Advice and Handling of Lithium batteries

Including re-packing, labelling and production of Dangerous Goods Declarations

Worldwide Customs Clearances

Attendance to international customs formalities by process of ATA Carnet, permanent or temporary Import procedures

Goods in transit Insurance

Subject to underwriter’s terms and conditions

Superintendence on site

Liaising with local customs and agents, co-ordinating vehicle arrivals, photographing equipment, producing load lists, arranging and co-ordinating crew to load and unload, provision of lifting equipment

Management information

Provide required information and reporting procedures on transport issues

Consular Documentation

Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoice Attestation and Legalisation